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How to Make Money on Instagram

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While there is no in-build way to earn an income on Instagram, many influencers found ways to earn a living from marketing to their viewers. This post will cover 5 strategies that Instagram stars have been able to generate income from the platform.

While you can’t make money on Instagram right off the bat (generally), you can structure your social media marketing strategy to get to the point where your Instagram account is generating income on a weekly or monthly basis.

Generally speaking, if you are growing other social media platforms alongside your Instagram account, you will be able to monetize yourself as an influencer a little easier. You just need to focus on creating quality content within your niche.

You can find unique ways to earn money from your fans with a little creativity. Have a flair for writing? Write a novel or publish a blog. Love to do makeovers? Do one-on-one consulting with paying followers. If they are willing, you can film the consultation and post it on YouTube to monetize yourself further. Go hustle.