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Should You Have a Free OnlyFans?

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Many newcomers to OnlyFans are unaware that free accounts are an option and are somewhat surprised when they find out. When you can earn from a paid account, is it worth creating content for free?

This post will go over several reasons why you may want to create and run a free OnlyFans account, the features they come with, and whether or not you can monetize them.

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Reasons to Create a Free OnlyFans Account

There are several good reasons to create a free OnlyFans account, though the decision will need to be based on your total marketing strategy and how much time that you have to create content. A few of the best reasons are listed below:

  1. 1. No Funnels

    If you don’t have a strong social media presence, it may be a good idea to start off with a free OnlyFans account and create a premium one at a later date. It is difficult to convince people to subscribe to you if they don’t know what you are about or what content you have to offer. While you should still continue to grow outside socials to funnel into your OnlyFans, using a free account is a good way to find your initial audience.

  2. 2. Promoting Paid Page

    Many creators have chosen to have 2 OnlyFans accounts, one of which is free. As they are easier to grow, they use their free account to get to know people and to show sneak-peaks of what people could expect to see if they sub to their main account. It frequently works as a good marketing strategy, though you do have to do twice the work at times.

  3. 3. Audience Focused

    If it is more important to you to grow an audience than it is to earn money from them, a free account is the best way. As it doesn’t cost them anything, many people will follow you just to see what you are all about. You can also use this as a strategy to funnel into another platform in the future.

  4. 4. Can Still Make Money

    You can still earn money with a free OnlyFans account through tips and PPV messages. In fact, some creators have found that they have made more on free accounts due to having a larger, appreciative following compared to their paid accounts. It all comes down to your marketing and how often you post.

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Free Account Features

Not only can you make money from tips, but there are also two monetization features that are only available on free accounts:

  1. 1. Paid Posts

    You can monetize specific posts by putting them behind a paywall. You are able to set the price you want. It is a good idea to give a brief idea of what the content

  2. 2. Paid Stream

    You can live stream on your free account and charge an entrance fee. Before each fan can join, they will need to pay the price you pre-selected. You must set the price to at least $5. It is a good idea to clearly state when the stream will end so that people won’t get upset if they pay for the last few minutes without knowing.

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Can You Make Money With a Free OnlyFans Account?

While you can definitely make money with a free OnlyFans account, you will have to remember that you won’t get any “regular” income from monthly subscriptions. You will likely be able to get a larger following on it and some will support you by purchasing your PPV content.

Many influencers with free OnlyFans pages make good money by remembering to post frequently, alternating between free and PPV content. One thing you do have to remember is that OnlyFans is considered by many to be more of a social platform and many fans expect to hear from the creators through messages. You will need to figure out a strategy to prioritize people who are financially supporting you while also not burning yourself out.