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How to Make an Instagram Account for Your Pet

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If you’re using Instagram, chances are you already bumped into one -- or many -- pet accounts! From cats and dogs to unusual pets, like snakes, otters and hedgehogs, some of the most popular Insta accounts belong to animals. The astounding popularity of Petstagrams is reasonably explained: as some studies have shown, seeing pictures of “cute” animals can make you less stressed and more productive. If you’re head over heels about your pet and you want to show it to the world, learn how to make an Instagram account for your buddy and try your chance at becoming #instafamous!

The first thing you need to do when making an Instagram account for your pet is to create a second account. Creating an account for your pet is actually pretty easy since you can affiliate other accounts to your original Instagram profile. Check these steps to learn how:

steps to making a second instagram account
  1. Step 1

    Log into the Instagram app, go to your profile by clicking your profile picture on the bottom menu.

  2. Step 2

    At your profile, click your name on the upper-left corner of the screen.

  3. Step 3

    Click “Log In or Create New Account” on the floating menu.

  4. Step 4

    Choose a Username for your new account. Check the next section for tips on picking the perfect username!

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How to Set Up Your Pet’s Instagram Profile

Now that you created your pet’s profile, it’s time to give it a name, face, and character. From the bio to your first posts, setting up a nice and appealing profile will help you get more audience.

1. Choose a Username for your Pet

The handle/username is the name people will always see next to your Instagram posts. Picking a unique username is a way of setting your profile apart and staying on people’s minds! Here are a few tips:

  • paw

    Use Your Pet’s Name

    Your pet’s name is one of the things that makes them unique, and it might be the best brand for your new Insta account. If you’re lucky, you might even find a single-name handle for your pet, which was the case of @Loki the wolfdog!

  • paw

    Include Your Breed/Species

    Many Petstagram enthusiasts have their own favorite animals and breeds. From sausage dogs to snakes, every pet has a possible crowd. That being, you might benefit from including your buddy’s species or breed, as it will instantly catch the eye of those obsessive fans! Some good examples of how to work it into your handle are @juniperfoxx, @carteltheotter, @thehuskyjoey, and @mildredthesausage.

  • paw

    Get Creative

    In case your pet’s name is already taken on the platform, try combining it with all sorts of prefixes and suffixes, additionally to underscores and dots. The catchier, the better! Some simple and effective examples are @wolfie_smiles, @beingbirch, @adognamedallie, and @mr.pokee, but you can go for something more creative and even rhyming like @tunameltsmyheart and @this_girl_is_a_squirrel!

  • paw

    Try a Handle Generator

    If your creative juices are running low or you just can’t find that perfect username, consider trying a handle generator like Weshare. Enter your pet’s names and watch as the tool presents you with a massive list of options! Check out our article about Instagram Name generators for more information.

2. Write a Bio for Your Pet’s Instagram

Instagram bios are the little body of text that is shown under your profile’s name whenever someone opens your profile. Currently, Insta’s bios can be up to 150 characters long, and they are usually made of a short description of the profile, possibly including links, emojis, and hashtags. 

Mildred the Sausage‘s Insta Bio

Writing your bio shouldn’t be too tricky, and you can always make adjustments and changes down the road. You can start by writing down your pet’s breed or species (if it’s not already in your profile name), complementing it with things they like to do or bits of their personality. If you feel comfortable, you can link your personal profile as the owner or add the place you live in. If you’re unsure, visit your favorite pet profiles to get some inspiration!

3. Pick a Profile Picture

If you’re creating a Petstagram for your little friend, chances are you already have half your phone’s memory worth of pictures of them! If that’s the case, pick a clear, well-lit picture of your pet to be your profile picture. You can change your profile picture as much as you want, so don’t sweat about it. In case you still don’t have the perfect photo, grab your camera and read the next section for tips on taking good pictures! 

4. Post Your First Pictures

You made it this far! Now it’s time to post your first pictures and your profile is ready to go! A nice way to start your pet’s Insta journey is by posting a picture along with a brief introduction about your pet, their interests and quirks. Now is also the time to choose how you’ll engage with other accounts and experiment with hashtags. The most important thing now is to start, as you’ll get the hang of things with time. Don’t expect much engagement in your early posts as your profile should grow over time.

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Tips to Taking Pictures of Your Pet

Here are a few tips you can try when you take pictures of your pet:

  • lightbulb


    The best way to capture a clear and bright picture of an animal is to use natural, diffuse light. Experiment with taking your pet outside when it’s cloudy for the best effect! If you choose to stay indoors, shoot near windows or in well-lit rooms. Note: avoid flash photography — it doesn’t look great and it can startle your pet.

  • circle-compass


    Experiment with different angles and distances when photographing your buddy. Getting the camera down to your pet’s eye level or below results in more dramatic and impacting images. Try taking close-ups and always focus your camera on your pet’s eyes.

  • heart-outline


    Even if subtle, each animal has its particular quirks and expressions. Try to highlight your pet’s particularities through your pictures, embracing the funny and adorable aspects of their personality.

  • basket


    Who couldn’t love a hedgehog in a tiny hat? If your pet is comfortable using clothes or other props, try including it in your pictures once in a while!

  • scissors


    Some may say editing is 50% of a good shot, and you should take advantage of it when posting pictures of your pets. You can start by shifting the lights and color of your photos, adding filters, and even get wild adding props and different backgrounds. Instagram has built-in editing tools, but you can find more refined resources in Photoshop, editing apps, or tools like Canva. Tip: If you’re not sure how to use editing tools, look for quick tutorials on YouTube!

Note: You don’t need an expensive camera to take great pictures of your pet! Explore your phone or camera’s settings and discover how to make the best out of it.

dogs that are dressed up fancy

How to Grow Your Pet’s Instagram Following

As you post more pictures, your profile tends to slowly grow. However, by using Instagram features in your favor, you can maximize your reach on the platform and gain more followers organically and faster! Check it out:

  1. Post Often

    The number one rule on growing an Instagram profile is posting, posting, posting. If people can’t see you, they won’t remember you, right? Having a consistent posting schedule helps you get past Insta’s algorithm and reach new followers. However, posting too much can drop your posts’ relevance. The sweet spot is anywhere from a couple of days a week to three times a day, along with the occasional stories. If you have trouble managing your posting schedule, consider using a content calendar! You can find endless templates online and pick what suits you better.

  2. Post Reels

    Reels is a fairly new feature on Instagram that allows you to create short videos. Much similar to TikTok videos, reels are displayed to users who might have an interest in your content, possibly reaching hundreds or thousands of viewers, even if you have a small profile! Watch other pets reels for inspiration, jump on video challenges or start your own funny video trend for a chance to go viral!

  3. Engage

    Follow accounts similar to yours and engage with them, liking and commenting on their posts. Eventually, your profile will be noticed by other users!. Alternatively, you can take part in picture challenges, collabs and follow-back chains.

  4. Use Hashtags

    Hashtags are another way your profile will be transmitted to new accounts, so make sure to make consistent and smart use of them! Avoid hashtags that are too populated (such as #cute or #pet) and go for slightly more specific ones. You will be able to see our list of best pet hashtags below.

a fish in an aquarium pet

How to Engage with Other Accounts as Your Pet

There are many ways and languages you can use to engage with your followers. Ultimately, there are no rules for that and you should find what works best for you and your profile. Test out some options and choose what you’re most comfortable with:

  • chat

    Enagage as Your PEt

    Writing your posts as if your pet is running his own profile can be both cute and hilarious. You can show people how they see the world and highlight their personality and traits. You can pick a unique way for your pet to “speak” to others and build your profile around that!

  • mobile

    Engage as the Owner

    if you’re managing an account for multiple pets or you want to show the world your animal from your point of view, you should engage with others as the owner of the pet. Highlight what is like to live with your pet and what kind of activities you like to do together. If you want to get inspired, check out @waltergeoffreythefrenchie, where Walter’s mom broadcasts what is like to share a house with the world’s most dramatic dog.

  • heart-outline

    Create a Character

    If you have an especially sassy or lazy pet-friend, you might play it up for the gram. Create your own hashtags and catchphrases and don’t be afraid to go overboard! A spot-on example is @misterbubz, a chubby mixed-breed who also happens to be an angry dark lord of evil.

  • camera

    Mix It Up

    You can change between gears and alternate your Instagram persona as you go. Remember to have fun and stick with what makes you comfortable!

tortoise walking on a path pet

Best Pet Hashtags for Instagram

The best way to go with hashtags is to use less populated hashtags and stick with more specific or relatable ones. Here are some tips and examples:

  • paw


    • possum on a log
    • wiener dog sitting on a couch
    • alpacas on a mountain top

    Include your animals’ breed and/or species. That way, you’re making sure to attract profiles similar to yours and breed-enthusiasts.

  • paw


    • two dogs running down path
    • dog running with a ball
    • woman on a picnic with her dog
    • cat with a toy mouse

    Use hashtags that relate to what activities are displayed in your picture.

  • paw


    • cat silhouette
    • a fox laying in the roots of a tree
    • dog in a park

    Tag your posts with locations, seasons and days of the week.

  • paw


    Use hashtags for brands or products that appear in your pictures, even if you’re not sponsored by them. Some of their customers might see it and stick around your profile!

  • paw


    You can use a note on your phone to save your most used hashtags to paste on all your posts. If you’re not sure what to use, check other similar profiles or use a hashtag generator.

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Some Great Insta Pet Profiles to Inspire You!

The following are a few Instagram profiles that may inspire you when creating your own:

juniperfoxx profile


@Juniperfoxx: this adorable profile showcases the life of Juniper, the fox, and her rescued friends. Take a glimpse of what it’s like to live with exotic animals and get inspired by their gorgeous photographs!

alfie the alpaca profile

Alfie the Alpaca in Adelaide

@Alfie_the_alpaca_in_adelaide: ever wondered what is like for an alpaca to live a suburban life? No? Alright. Alfie is here anyway! This super friendly alpaca’s profile is all about showing its daily life, meals, looks, and hairstyling!

mrpokee instagram profile


@Mr.pokee: if you’re into ultra-cute animals and breathtaking views, you might just love Mr. Pokee’s adventures with their cat sibling. The profile features amazing locations, great picture-editing and it might just be that inspiration you’re lacking for your petstagram!

Now that you finished this speed-course on creating a #petstagram, it’s time to put it to practice and make your little buddy into an internet persona. Growing a big profile can be a time-consuming activity that requires patience and consistency, so remember to have fun while you do it! At last, if you have a pet Instagram account, feel free to leave a comment below so we can check it out!