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How to Get More Followers on Twitter in 2021

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To grow as an influencer, you must work toward getting more followers on Twitter. Gaining a large social following will help you make money on Twitter either through marketing your own products or through sponsorships or affiliate marketing.

This post will go over 10 different ways to attract new followers to your Twitter account.

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1. Fill Out Your Twitter Profile

If you still haven’t filled out your Twitter profile all the way, now is the time to do so. Search engines actually index your profile, so you could potentially rank for some keywords in your niche if you fill it out correctly. In your profile, you should introduce yourself, explain your brand or niche, show your personality, link to other relevant accounts, and add a couple of strong hashtags. You should also add your locations to your bio.

You should also update your profile image and banner. If possible, use images of yourself as these will help your followers connect with you more. In fact, studies have shown that a profile image of a person will increase the likelihood that someone will follow your account. Make sure that people can see your eyes and that you smile to increase your likability.

If you are running a brand account and can’t use your face (or any face) as the profile image, try to post images of your team at work periodically to help your audience connect with your company.

2. Post Visual Content

When scrolling through your Twitter feed, you may notice that photos and videos stand out amongst the walls of one-liners that popularized the platform when it first launched. Try to include a photo or video that relates to your Tweet for a greater chance of interaction.

If you don’t have any of your own images that you want to post, look for a royalty-free image online. Sites like Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels have thousands of free images you can use. Further customize them or add captions with one of the following programs:

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    Colorcinch, formerly Cartoonize, is an online platform that allows you to quickly and effortlessly edit photos, add overlays and text, and access free graphics. You can easily straighten an image, fix exposure, and add vibrancy and filters to your images with ease.

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    Adobe Creative Cloud

    Known as the father of creative software, Adobe’s Creative Cloud has several high-end programs that allow you to create and edit images. If you want to master digital graphics in the 2020s, you will likely encounter this platform numerous times in your future.

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    GIMP is a free online image editor. It is open source and is frequently updated. The program comes with many tools to edit and enhance your photos. You can also add 3rd part plugins to improve your customization options.

If you have a website, make sure that your blog posts have featured images when you link them in your Tweets. The image will automatically post along with the Tweet.

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3. Get Verified on the Platform

If you are a notable figure or a person of interest in your specific niche, try to get verified on Twitter. Verification status indicates that your account actually belongs to you and not by someone posing as you. As such, other Twitter viewers take your account more seriously. When interacting on the platform, people within your niche will listen to what you say and be more likely to follow you. 

You will need to send Twitter an image of your passport and driver’s license, links to news articles or publications that mention you, and any other accolades that will help convince them to give you that blue verification badge.

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4. Research the Best Times to Post

It has been estimated that the max engagement for a tweet is between 15-25 minutes after it was posted, then it will slow down. While you may get a little more leverage out of it if you have a lot of engagement, your best bet is to research the best times to post for your niche in your area. 

Generally speaking, you will get more engagement from your posts when published in the afternoon or early evening. Twitter users tend to browsing their phones during this time and are more likely to see and interact with your tweet. To make sure you are getting the most mileage out of your best Tweets, continually track your engagement based on when you publish. If you see a trend for your followers, post your best content during that time.

You can also use a tool, such as SproutSocial’s ViralPost, that will calculate when your audience is likely to be online. You can use this tool to have your post automatically publish at the optimal time without you even being online.

Maximizing your tweet’s potential will get you more retweets and replies, allowing others to see your post and interact with it as well. It also means that your tweet will be seen by those who are connected to your followers. 

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5. Frequently Post Quality Tweets

Take a little time to think ahead before you publish your tweets. Study the engagement on your other posts and those from other accounts within your niche and craft statements, polls, or images that will generate a lot of engagement. 

Aim to post at least 5 times per day, making sure that your most important posts are published at the peak time for engagement. If you can, schedule up to 20 posts per day spread out to reach a larger audience. For help, try out one of the following schedulers:

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    With a minimalist feel and a free program for those starting out, Later will allow you to schedule posts on several different social platforms through them. This will make it easier for you to get everything ready in advance and determine your strategy for future posts. 

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    Not only does SproutSocial have a social media scheduler, but they have done considerable research on the best times to post on Twitter.

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    Buffer’s user interface allows you to visually plan and schedule your social campaigns well in advance. You can try out their service with a 14 day free trial.

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    You can set up a long-term Twitter strategy with SocialPilot. The platform allows you to edit, schedule, and republish content far in advance.

Add eye-catching images, graphics, or videos to your posts. These stand out against tweets consisting of only text and will attract more engagement and followers. 

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6. Engage With Your Followers 

Frequently reply to comments on your tweets or respond to those who shout you out on Twitter. Like or retweet their posts and take the time to really engage with those who are either following you or within your niche. 

This activity will help people feel connected to you and they are more likely to interact with you on later posts or retweet statements or images that you have published. Some social media accounts have been known to grow quite real idly based on good engagement strategies.

Don’t Forget to Retweet!

If you love a Tweet that someone else has posted, retweet it and reply to it. Not only will your followers get to see a little more about your brand or personality, but you may also show up in the feeds of people who follow the original Tweeter. If they like your response, they may check out your other posts.

Retweeting may also help you gain the attention of another brand or influencer. It is a good idea to start engaging with people you will want to work with a few weeks before you reach out to them. That way you already seem like a familiar face.

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7. Funnel Followers From Other Platforms

If you have followings on other platforms, try to funnel them to your Twitter account. If you are growing several social accounts at once, designate each to have at least one special thing that is frequently posted on each to give people incentive to follow each account. 

For instance, you could use Twitter to give frequent updates about your brand or your future plans. While there are topics and images you should cover all of your social accounts, keep one thing separate to let your Twitter followers feel as if they are in the know. 

Make sure that your Twitter link is easy to see everywhere else you post online. If you run a website, make sure it is posted in your header, footer, and about page. Put it in your YouTube descriptions and consider asking your viewers to follow for updates.

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8. Properly Use Hashtags

Learn which hashtags are frequently used in your niche and learn to incorporate a few in each of your tweets. Make sure they are relevant to the content of your post. You should also pay attention to trends and jump on them whenever you can.  

Keep track of which hashtags worked for you in the past so that you can reuse them when it makes sense. You can also use a hashtag tool such as Hashtagify.me to give you the best options for your brand. 

While many new brands and influencers don’t understand the value of adding hashtags, taking the time to find the right ones for your post can truly increase your follower count and engagements. Focus on finding 1-3 great hashtags instead of spamming multiples at the end of each piece of content.

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9. Connect and Interact With Other Accounts in Your Niche

Frequently interact with other influencers within your niche. Like their tweets, write meaningful comments, reply to them, and repost their content. If you run a smaller account, focus on finding other smaller creators who would appreciate your interaction more than a celebrity would. 

Over time, several of these accounts will begin to interact with your feed as well, which will both help in your rankings and alert their followers of your account. You can even reach out to some influencers and ask to collaborate in some way to make a greater impact. 

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10. Host a Giveaway

Known as one of the fastest ways to grow an account, you can offer a giveaway to new and current followers. Make sure to find an item or service that people within your niche will appreciate, then market it by giving people specifications on how they can become eligible to win it. 

To get the most out of your giveaway, use a platform such as Gleam to encourage people to follow you on multiple platforms or share and like your posts. Gleam will keep track of how many entries someone has so that they have extra incentive to do more to help you out. 

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11. Use Promoted Tweets

If you really want to make sure you are seen under relevant searches, you can pay for your tweets to be promoted. Though many users will absentmindedly scroll past promotions, if you use an image that perfectly captures your brand, you may be able to gain followers of the exact audience you wish. 

Twitter uses several signals to decide who sees your promoted Tweets to ensure that you get the results you want. They also look for people who interact with specific Tweets to reach on your behalf.


Growing on Twitter can be slow at first, but with the right strategies, you’ll eventually reach a point where you can focus less on initial growth and just pump out quality tweets. Until that time, adjust your strategies periodically to learn what works best for your brand, then double down on what works.