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How to Make Money on Onlyfans

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Onlyfans is an effective way to make money whether it be as a side hustle or as a full-time career. Onlyfans rose to fame as being the first major social platform allowing users to post explicit content which is banned on all the other major platforms like Instagram and Tiktok. Content that primarily consists of images and videos is hidden behind a paywall. This means fans either buy content directly or subscribe for full access via a monthly fee.

The two main factors that are most important in making money on Onlyfans are the quality of your content and how well you can promote your page. Top creators on the platform generally have whole teams that support them but getting started can still be easily done as a solo operator. This article will explain the step-by-step process to get a new Onlyfans account making a decent income.

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How Much Can Girls Make on Onlyfans?

Top Performers on Onlyfans earn anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000 USD per month. That being said the average OnlyFans creator makes substantially less at $150 a month. This is a slight drop from a year ago when the median was closer to $200. The primary reason creators are earning less is due to increased competition as more talent signs up to the platform.

In the past, performers would use cam sites or work in the porn industry where talent would only receive a small cut of profits. Onlyfans changed the game by giving models more control over content with creators earning far larger cuts. Onlyfans will only take 20% of earnings meaning 80% goes to the performer. The page owner also has the ability to set their own custom price for the pictures and videos they produce.

If you decide to go down this route then it’s important to remember that if you’re not comfortable sharing any form of intimate information about yourself then you should probably avoid doing anything too risqué. Also, keep in mind that some fans may find certain things offensive and they won’t appreciate being exposed to those kinds of things. So think carefully before deciding whether or not to include something in your profile. If you choose to take part in a private session then you’ll get paid via PayPal once every month. 

You can use the following steps to set up your Onlyfans account:

  1. Choose a username.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Click “Create Account.
  4. Create a password.
  5. Fill out your personal details.
  6. Write an Onlyfans bio
  7. Add a picture.

Where Does the Money Come From?

The most common ways creators earn money from Onlyfans are subscription fees, tips, private content requests, and private messages. The ratio of how these revenue sources are split various greatly depending on the niche and size of the audience. A loyal viewer base willing to spend a lot on exclusive content can earn a performer substantially more than a large viewer base enticed primarily by cheaper subscription fees.

Success on the Onlyfans can also aid other platforms and help drive new followers to Instagram or Tiktok. This also opens the door to lucrative brand deals with many companies paying large sums of money for help promoting products.

One of the best ways to make money on OnlyFans is through “private shows”. These are live video chats between you and a member of your audience. They usually last around 10 minutes each. Members can tip you during these sessions so you could potentially earn up to $500 per show.

What skills will help you earn more money?

While these skills are not essential to start on Onlyfans, they will definitely benefit your growth on the platform and increase your potential to make more money. Fans have become accustomed to a certain quality of content so you should always be pushing to improve the gear you use and master the fundamentals of content creation and self-promotion.

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    Onlyfans is a visual platform and many people come to it to look at images uploaded by their favorite content creators. Not only should you learn how to frame shots, but you should also learn to use editing apps to improve your Onlyfans photos.

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    Video production

    In addition to photos, you should frequently upload videos or stream on Onlyfans to keep your subscribers happy and loyal to your profile. Learning production techniques will increase the quality.

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    Lighting expertise

    Lighting can make or break an image. Learn several new techniques and play with different kinds of lights until you find a look that is unique for your brand.

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    Modeling experience

    While you don’t need professional experience to do well, you should practice different poses in order to find what looks best on your camera. Look at professional models to see what they are doing and try to mimic their look.

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    Marketing & promotion strategy

    Every influencer, regardless of their niche, needs to learn how to market themselves. Practice writing your posts and look for unique ways to bring traffic to your own page.

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    Strong understanding of social media

    Social media is key to growing your personal brand. The more you understand how it works and can use it to your advantage, the more influence you will gain in order to attract new fans.

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    Ability to network with other content creators

    Collaboration is a very important aspect of growing as a brand. Not only should you try to work with creators who are slightly larger than you, but you should also work with those slightly smaller and of a similar size.

Some Key Points to Consider Before Making an Onlyfans:

A few factors you will need to remember when considering creating an Onlyfans account will include the following:

  1. You Must be over 18 Years of age

    Do the nature of Onlyfans and the content it is primarily known for, you need to be at least 18 years old in order to create an account. This goes for both creators and for fans.

  2. Producing explicit content can potentially hurt future career prospects

    Although society as a whole is more accepting of past sex workers, there are still many professions (such as teaching) that could offer limited possibilities in the future if your personality becomes public. The fact is that an Onlyfans account could affect your professional career in the future.

  3. Creating adult content available online can affect relationships with friends and family

    If you have a very conservative friend and family group, they may look down on your work on Onlyfans, even if you make a good income from it.

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7 Step Process to Making Money on Onlyfans

  1. 1. Plan Your OnlyFans Content

    Your first step before creating an account is understanding your goals and the type of content you wish to produce. There are several different niches to choose from, the most popular of which include:

    Your first step before creating an account is understanding your goals and the type of content you wish to produce. There are several different niches to choose from, the most popular of which include:

    More often than not a performer may cover multiple different niches as some of these do have overlap.

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      Adult Content (solo or couple)

      It isn’t a secret that there is adult content on Onlyfans. Many new and experienced sex workers have found a way to work for themselves through the platform, allowing them to create the content they feel most comfortable with.

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      Fitness training

      Onlyfans is a great place for fitness influencers and trainers. Many people who are starting out on their fitness journey want to be inspired by people who are experts in the field or who have physically fit bodies. Opening up your Onlyfans DMs to them is a great way to earn extra tips.

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      People love looking at beautiful images online. If you are a model and know how to take good images, you can earn a little extra money showcasing fashion and accessories.

    • strategy


      Many fans love to see their favorite creators dressed in cosplay. Whether you are a wizard at creating costumes or you are an artistic body painter, you may be able to benefit from this niche.

    • gamepad


      Many gamers have been able to create successful Onlyfans, especially if they stream from Twitch or upload youtube videos.

    • map


      What is better than traveling the globe? Making some side income while you do it. Grow in this category by focusing on specific niches, such as good food from around the globe, or fun cultural aspects.

    • cutlery

      Cooking & Recipe Guides

      If you are growing an Instagram or YouTube based on your cooking skill, you could funnel your viewers into Onlyfans by promising to help people master their own cooking habits and giving them one-on-one advice.

    • star-o

      Beauty Tutorials

      It is no secret that the beauty niche is huge. With so many things to learn, this ever-changing niche will allow the fashion-smart diva to monetize their passion.

    Example of an Onlyfans Success Story

    Popular internet personality Belle Delphine revealed on Logan Paul’s podcast that she makes 1 million USD per month from her Onlyfans account.

    Belle Delphine’s channel is primarily adult content with a heavy focus on cosplay, gaming, and pop culture. Belle leveraged her following on Instagram and a series of YouTube film clips to drive an enormous amount of traffic to her Onlyfans in the early stages of 2021. Her marketing campaign became viral on Reddit with multiple articles written across news sites discussing the performer. Love her or hate her, Belle knows her audience and her photos and videos are released daily which helps keep subscribers building each month. Belle charges USD $35 per month which would be considered a premium rate. In comparison most lesser-known, newer accounts charge between $5 – $10 per month for a subscription. 

    Alternate Ways to Make Money 

    Although Onlyfans is best known for explicit content there is a growing number of people that earn money keeping their clothes on. While this involves a lot more creativity and will cost a lot more time and money to promote it is also a viable option with plenty of success stories out there. Alternatively, many performers opt to take pornographic photos or videos but choose not to show their faces. This makes creating other social accounts such as Instagram to flow traffic to your Onlyfans account more difficult. That being said, It is still possible to earn a substantial amount of money being entirely anonymous.

  2. 2. Setup Your Account

    Take your time when setting up your Onlyfans account to ensure that it is as enticing as possible. Many influencers choose to set up a new email account to keep the business side of their lives separate from their personal accounts. Fill out your bio, add an appealing background image, then start promoting your account from outside funnels.

  3. 3. Research Your competition

    Onlyfans is no longer a secret. The global pandemic has driven a huge amount of talent to the platform starting in late 2020 with an explosion of new users through 2021. With this increase in competition, it has become far more difficult to stand out on the platform with top talent all battling for subscribers. While it may sound strange a great method before creating your own profile is to first research performers that make the type of content you want to do. The main things you want to take note of are:

    1. How often does the account post new content?
    2. How much do they charge for subscriptions?
    3. What special offerings do they have that other profiles do not?
    4. How do they promote their Onlyfans?

    Once you have a good idea of what other successful pages are doing it is a lot easier to plan a strategy for your own channel. You can map out exactly how many photos or videos you will need to shoot to produce the same or a slightly higher velocity of content. You can also use the content these performers produce as inspiration for your own. 

  4. 4. Set Your Prices

    When figuring out your pricing, it is important to consider how long you have been on the platform and how much content will be offered to a new subscriber. The more you have to entice new fans, the more likely it is they will sub. You may also want to change a slightly smaller subscription fee as an introductory offer to boost numbers early on. You can always change the cost of a sub down the line once you have more to offer. Most new accounts generally set subscription fees between $5-$15. If you want to learn more, click the link for our full Onlyfans pricing guide.

    After you set pricing for the flat sub, you will also need to work out what to charge for exclusive content such as private custom photos or videos and private messages. Many smaller creators make the bulk of their earnings from a handful of fans willing to pay a lot for content made for their own private viewing.

  5. 5. Create Supporting Social Media Profiles

    It goes without saying you probably don’t want to be promoting your Onlyfans profile to friends and family. A large number of users also choose to keep their profiles a secret. For this reason, it is recommended that when creating your Onlyfans account you should create an Instagram and Twitter account. This is crucial for both attracting and funneling followers to your Onlyfans account and to network with other creators.

    As Instagram is a very visual medium it is the closest to Onlyfans while having far stricter terms of service. While you can’t show nudity or explicit pictures on the platform you can still post provocative content with a link to your Onlyfans for those interested in seeing more. Tiktok and Youtube are also viable they require far more work to build, maintain and edit. If you have the time and capability they can be great although in our experience they hold less appeal if your primary goal is making money on Onlyfans.

    Social platforms that work well with Onlyfans in order of value:

    1. Instagram
    2. Twitter
    3. Reddit
    4. Tiktok
    5. Youtube

    It is highly recommended that these new accounts all use the same name even if it is fake. Branding should also be consistent and easily recognizable to aid long-term growth. 

  6. 6. Promote Your Onlyfans Page

    How well you can promote your page will really be the make or break of how much you can achieve on Onlyfans. Even if your content is substantially better than other creators, it is useless if you cant get traffic to your profile. The most effective way to promote yourself is through social media. The larger your following on other platforms, the easier it will be to generate the first few subs, which are generally the most difficult.

    If you are yet to build any social following, one of the best methods of promoting yourself is via Reddit. Share some content for free on a subreddit that matches your content with the promise of more to come if Redditors subscribe. This can also be a great place to network with other Onlyfans creators who might be suitable for collaborations or be up for an exchange of promotion via each other’s socials.

    The third and less common way to promote your channel is to pay an outside marketing agency. Many specialize in the area either by running pay-per-click ads or by having access to large advertising networks. This is generally an expensive task, but the benefits of some early traction may well pay off if your content is good enough. That being said, the vast majority of successful accounts started off bootstrapping and running low overheads. For most people, paid promotion is less than ideal. This is especially true if you are new to Onlyfans and still learning the ropes.

  7. 7. Keep Your Subscribers Loyal

    While effective promotion might earn you a lot of new subs it is very important that you have a plan in place to keep your existing userbase coming back for more. The best way to achieve this is by being approachable and engaging to give fans a way to know you better. This is commonly achieved through private messages or by posting photos or videos of your everyday life. Have a new pet or toy? Create a post about it to keep fans informed and invested in you as a creator. Little snippets of real-life can help to humanize a creator and are often a huge hit with the fanbase. Just be sure not to reveal any information that is too personal such as real names or locations for your own safety.

    Another key component of sub retention is the velocity at which you produce content. You cant expect a fan to pay $20 per month if you’re only dropping a handful of new images or a singular video over that time frame. Most of the successful performers on the platform post multiple times per day with the suggested minimum being once per day. You can achieve this by shooting a lot of content in one day and drip-feeding it to your audience over a period of a few days.

While there are several strategies on how you can start making money on Onlyfans, it is important to remember that you should continually find new ways to create fresh and quality content to continue to earn month to month.